Tangled Feet

Is a theatre ensemble and a charity

We create original, visually stunning, transformative performances, sometimes inside theatres but often in other public spaces. We create atmospheres and experiences for the audience which are thrilling, surprising and memorable, which always feel 'live' and in the moment, where the unique reality of this audience, in this moment, right here is acknowledged and celebrated.

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We are a dedicated ensemble and believe in long-term rehearsal and performance history. The company formed in 2003 as a group of like-minded artists and friends with a shared vision, and commitment to a collaborative, physical working methodology.

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Today, the ensemble has grown to encompass a larger group of 20+ artists as well as a broad family of participants, many of who have worked with us over a number of years.

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Tangled Feet create and tour work all over the UK.

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Tangled Feet's productions have been featured on TV and in the Press. You can read the coverage and also download the latest Press Releases in our Press Coverage section.

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We love sharing the creative process with new people and younger artists, as an integral part of our production process and in workshops, residencies and participation projects. All of the passion, fun, pain, anger and life experience of the people we meet makes TF's work deeper and richer. In return, we hope to offer people life-affirming, fun creative experiences and to inspire and support younger generations of artists.

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  • What people have said:

    “For Tangled Feet, theatre is a contact sport. The work has an anarchic edge and the distinctive stamp of a company who clearly know where they are going.”- The Stage -
  • What people have said:

    “Tangled Feet have done something "game changing" for outdoor theatre in Britain. You’ve proved that large-scale work can be intelligent, emotional, dramaturgically thrilling but, of course, above everything, purposeful. ”- Bradley Hemmings, Artistic Director, Greenwich+Docklands International Festival -
  • What people have said:

    “You were all fantastic - the choice of cast you provided us was brilliant, and the talent of all your players was excellent. You were so helpful, flexible and fun to work with, it worked brilliantly, we'll definitely keep you in mind for future projects, it would be great to work together again.”- Simon Monhemius, Creative Director, HSI London -
  • What people have said:

    “Can honestly say that being part of ONE MILLION by TANGLED FEET in the Brighton Festival was one of the best experiences of my life!! Met some amazing people and took part in some amazing things, hope I can do it again!!!!”- Participant Feedback -

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Apr 18th 2019

Half Life

By Sara Templeman   Life expectancy in the UK is 80 years old. Most of Tangled Feet’s core ensemble and founding members will be turning 40 soon. It’s made us think about what life is like as you approach your expected halfway mark. Also what was it like half a life ago, and half that time again? What will it be like in another 40 years? In this intergenerational show we ask different age groups these life questions. What’s your world like? What do you care about? What’s important? What do you look forward to? What will life be like in 10, 20, 40 years time?!   Half a life ago, the founding members of Tangled Feet met at Middlesex University and embarked on a massive journey together. 10 individuals all met studying for a drama and theatre studies degree and formed the company. All of us are still involved in the company in some way. We run everything ourselves from general management, artistic direction, finance, social media and marketing, production, casting, participation, fundraising to drama-therapy projects. What is at the core of our company is the individuals who have always put in that little bit extra, harnessed new skills to evolve as an ensemble, to grow and expand. Who knew 20 years ago we would still be going?

  • The most accessible and original theatre company working in the UK today”

    The most accessible and original theatre company working in the UK today”

    The Stage
  • Tangled Feet offer a glimpse of magic”

    Tangled Feet offer a glimpse of magic”

    Lyn Gardner, The Guardian
  • For Tangled Feet, theatre is a contact sport”

    For Tangled Feet, theatre is a contact sport”

    The Stage
  • Tangled Feet, the masters of physical theatre”

    Tangled Feet, the masters of physical theatre”

    The Independent
  • They are defining the future of theatre”

    They are defining the future of theatre”

    The Edinburgh Guide
  • An astounding spectacle..a uniformly excellent ensemble…stunning”

    An astounding spectacle..a uniformly excellent ensemble…stunning”