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Working with young artists at the early stages of their careers

In difficult times, it can be really hard for any young person to imagine and build a career in the arts, but some young people face even tougher challenges. Tangled Feet believe that it is vital that the creative aspirations of all young people are nurtured, and that we work hard to make sure that the next generation of artists come from a diverse set of backgrounds. We are committed to supporting young artists to develop sustainable arts careers, and in identifying and helping to overcome the barriers or challenges that lie in young artist's paths.


We aim to have a clear pathway in place that enables interested young people to progress; from workshops, through volunteer placements and structured and paid internships and into paid employment with us where possible. See Case Studies below for some examples or Get in touch to discuss our mentoring scheme, becoming an intern or placements.


We've also developed a structured year-long mentoring programme for emerging ensemble companies which aims to equip them with the skills and confidence to establish themselves in the difficult first years. We always aim to be open to informally mentoring and advising young artists when possible. You can also find out about current opportunities with the company here.



Working with us

“The mentorship we received from Tangled Feet was pivotal to HighRise's journey thus far. Through guidance, patience and other numerous channels of support; Tangled Feet's teachings have given us the skills and confidence to form, create and flourish as a Theatre Company. In a time when artists are fighting harder and harder to get acknowledged, our work with Tangled Feet armed us with the necessary confidence to begin facing the industry. ”- Dominic Garfield Price, High Rise Theatre Co. -
“I have been involved with Tangled Feet through a number of outreach projects headed by Alex Ramsden. These projects have really encouraged and enabled me to develop my skills and confidence when working practically and emotionally with disability and young people. As an applied theatre student, it has been invaluable to learn from professionals, families and young people with the support and guidance of Tangled Feet. The projects have been a uniquely rewarding experience and I look forward to getting involved in the future!”- Jemima, former intern / workshop leader -
“It has been a wonderful opportunity to work with such a collaborative and nurturing company that believes in investing in the next generation. I had a tremendous time working with Tangled Feet and have met interesting and caring people through the company. Working on the 'Sibs' project specifically was a great way to connect with the community and create a week where the children were to key focus. Plus, being involved with Tangled Feet is always a lot of fun!”- Nush, former intern, workshop leader -

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Mar 28th 2018

It's official: Tangled Feet is Fantastic for Families!

By Kat Joyce   We are very honoured to have been recognised with a prize for Best Family-Friendly Workplace Initiative' by the Fantastic for Families campaign.   Over the years the number of people in the ensemble with kids has grown to the point that there are now more children than adults in the TF tribe. So really, we had to adapt our working lives or we would just not have been able to carry on making work. The upshot of that is that, motivated by our long-standing commitments to working together, we've found loads of creative ways to accommodate people's parenting status.   The theatre industry can be horribly unfriendly towards parents and parents-to-be. I know of women who work at major buildings who privately report a culture where taking time out for motherhood marks you clearly as someone with no desire to succeed. I know actors who have been dropped by their agents during maternity leave because 'it doesn't seem like you want to return to work after your baby'. Others who've had to desperately scrabble around for childcare when production schedules are changed at the last minute. In an industry where there are always more creatives than there are jobs, and people often feel very precarious and disposable, many try to behave as if they don't have children, hiding their families out of sight. This is a real shame, as it means that talent and experience haemorrhage out of our industry as people (mainly women) find family lives incompatible with continuing to work. To read the full blog click 'Read the whole story' next to the date at the top.

  • The most accessible and original theatre company working in the UK today”

    The most accessible and original theatre company working in the UK today”

    The Stage
  • Tangled Feet offer a glimpse of magic”

    Tangled Feet offer a glimpse of magic”

    Lyn Gardner, The Guardian
  • For Tangled Feet, theatre is a contact sport”

    For Tangled Feet, theatre is a contact sport”

    The Stage
  • Tangled Feet, the masters of physical theatre”

    Tangled Feet, the masters of physical theatre”

    The Independent
  • They are defining the future of theatre”

    They are defining the future of theatre”

    The Edinburgh Guide
  • An astounding spectacle..a uniformly excellent ensemble…stunning”

    An astounding spectacle..a uniformly excellent ensemble…stunning”