Mar. 30th 2016

A new show for 2016!

We are thrilled to announce a new show for Summer 2016: Emerge/ncy. Emerge/ncy is an installation that becomes a durational performance. It is the result a period of creative exploration into the twin concerns of global inequality and climate change, and particularly addresses the very current issue of human migration.

We’ve been spending some time as a company thinking about the connection between inequality and climate change and about people who have to leave their home due to the climate, economy or combinations of the two. For a set of issues that have such life changing effects across world, but that we are somewhat isolated from in the UK, we felt it was the right thing to do to create something that scarred the landscape and felt like a big event. 


We wanted to bring some of the themes and struggles seen across the world to British high streets, squares and parks and remind people that cracks are appearing across the world. These cracks are both in our environment and our societies. However, in response to such catastrophe we often see the best in humans – emergency and disaster bring communities together and often it is your neighbour not your government that will be the first to help.


Overnight, in a public space a mysterious, ominous organic form appears. It seems to have burst through the pavement or playing field, creating a strange shape 7 metres high. It towers over the landscape.


Slowly, displaced people begin to emerge. Then more and more…

Where do they go now? 

How do we respond to them?

How long will they stay?


As the day draws to a close there is a collective response to the emerging people. It has become an opportunity born from a crisis. A coming together turns into a collective act, which is beautiful and transformative for all.


Has this state of emergency become the new normal?


We are thrilled to be working with Alex Rinsler (Giants Foundary) and Mike De Buts (Shipshape Arts) to design and build the installation which will be animated by Tangled Feet performers to a soundtrack by Guy Connelly of Clock Opera. The work has been generously supported by The Arts Council England, Esmee Faribairn Foundation, The Hanley Trust and our partner festivals. 




Brighton Festival (The Level) 28th and 29th May

Imagine Watford (The High Street) 24th, 25th and 26th June

Greenwich+Docklands International Festival 2nd July 

Alongside the performance programme our Participation team will be running drama workshops with The Red Cross Refugee and Befriending Scheme for unaccompanied asylum seekers across London as well as further workshops for recently arrived families in association with Migrant Help.


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