Targeted Projects

Tangled Feet design bespoke projects to work with specific groups of young people

In these targeted projects we develop a performance or creative process with an emphasis on collaboration, trust and fun. The project might tackle a particular creative theme of interest to the group, but often also addresses a specific set of needs, issues or challenges that the group is facing. .

What it's like to work with us

“Tangled Feet have always shown immense sensitivity to, and knowledge of, the diverse groups of young people that we work with in Croydon. Beyond this, they have created some fantastic, creative pieces of theatre with these groups of young people, by challenging them creatively and intellectually to give them and audiences an experience to remember.”- Jessica Hodge, Integrated Youth Service Manager, Croydon Council. -
“Tangled Feet's unique workshop style, in which they invite the participants to work alongside them as part of an ensemble, engages and enthuses even the more tricky young people, giving them real ownership of the work produced.”- Matt Gallop, BBC Blast -
“A massive THANK YOU to your fantastic team... All the feedback I had from the young people, staff and volunteers was extremely positive. They all had a lot of fun, learnt new skills and had a good insight of what drama is. On behalf of all of us, thank you very much again and good luck with your performance.”- Valeria Ragni, British Red Cross, Vulnerable Groups Co-ordinator -

Case Studies

COMING SOON: Case studies of targeted projects, which shows how we plan around the individual needs of the group. 



Nov 15th 2023

Pumpkin-ville: A Dramatherapy placement with Tangled Feet

by Anna Crump   This is my experience as a trainee on placement with Tangled Feet, co-facilitating a small therapy group with young people, and qualifying as a Dramatherapist. Pumpkin-ville is where it all began…   Listen to the recording of this blog here  


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    So much more than theatre”

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    Tangled Feet offer a glimpse of magic”

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