By Tangled Feet and Rowan Tree

For 6-11 year olds 


We are all trying to work out our story. Who we are? How we are we shaped? Who made us? Sometimes you have to find the courage to be just you - the brilliant you.


Following the acclaimed Need a Little Help (“beautifully immersive production” The Family Stage) and Butterflies (“a truly transformative experience” Children’s Theatre Reviews) Tangled Feet present the World Premiere of their new show about how we all need somewhere to belong and someone to belong to.


Cleo is on a journey like no other. She’s trying to discover her past whilst attempting to stay on her feet in the present. Where has she been and when will she get back? Piles of clothes become sea creatures, dresses become parachutes and shadows dance as Cleo and two new friends find a place called home. 


Inspired by working with young people in Kent who don’t live with their birth parents, Belongings is the story of finding your feet, finding your playmates & imagining a new future.


Told with Tangled Feet’s unique blend of physicality, innovative design and original music, this is a show for anyone aged 6 and up who is looking to find where they fit in.

past dates


  • Mar 21stto25th2023

    Brixton House

    SW9 8GL, Brixton -


  • Mar 18th2023


    TS18 1LL, Stockton on Tees -


  • Mar 9thto10th2023

    Half Moon Theatre

    E1 0ND, London - 10.30am & 1.30pm


  • Mar 4th2023

    Gulbenkian Arts Centre

    CT2 7NB, Canterbury -


  • Feb 25thto26th2023

    Polka Theatre

    SW19 1SB, Wimbledon -


  • Jun 24th2022

    The Gulbenkian

    CT2 7NB, Canterbury -

  • Jun 17th2022

    Hat Factory Arts Centre

    LU1 2EY, Luton -

all 27 people


Audience feedback

“ Thank you, I felt what you felt ” - Audience member, aged 10 - “ It reached my heart ” - Audience member, aged 8 - “ I actually loved watching my girls being so engaged and they also cuddled (not siblings) for the first time. Made me cry!!! Really good to see these topics addressed thoughtfully in the theatre without ‘traditional’ stereotypes. Specifically visited as both my children are adopted. ” - Audience member -

Reviews & Press

" So much more than theatre, Belongings is an outlet for therapy, a joyful celebration of childhood play, an articulation of resilience and a message that children in care can find their place in the world. "


" It’s brilliantly done, managing to be extremely relatable for children with no experience of the care system while giving them a rare insight into the reality of life in foster care. "


 " There are more than 92,000 children in care in the UK. They still face stigma and a lack of understanding… but one play aims to change that. "

 - The Big Issue


“An exploration of what ‘family’ looks like to three young people brought up within the care system, Tangled Feet and Rowan Tree‘s Belongings beautifully amplifies the voices of the often unheard – and contributes an honest look at the impact of these challenging circumstances.” 

- Theatre FullStop


Belongings Venue Information Pack

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Belongings Resource Pack

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Aug 17th 2022

Belongings – Rowan Tree Dramatherapy

by Bryony Brooker & Justine Staley   An idea   First of all, I want to say I love my job and after working with Tangled Feet, I love my job with rejuvenated enthusiasm, a bag full of shiny tools, an insurmountable pride in our young co-creator team, and new possibilities of what we can bring to our work.   Just as a bit of background, Justine and I are directors of Rowan Tree Dramatherapy. Founded in 2013 as a Community Interest Company, we provide a Dramatherapy Service across Kent where we are committed and dedicated to working within the community to ensure Dramatherapy is both accessible and useful. We work extensively with young people, many of whom who do not live with their birth parents. Thanks to Children in Need, we have been able to offer fully funded group therapy each year for the past seven years to Children in Care. With each group, we create a space together that offers the potential to experience a sense of belonging that they have agency over moulding, shaping, and making their own. They have a voice, they are heard, and their feelings and emotions are validated. However, outside the therapy room, all too often these young people have had no choice and no voice, in what has happened in their past, and sometimes in their present, we always strive to support agency and wondered how could their voices become tangible?   Together, we tentatively considered how a piece of therapeutic theatre could be created and how this might look. We knew we did not have the knowledge or skill set to create the vision we had (it had to be spot on) and knew that it would take a theatre company that had great integrity and experience to pull this idea off.   

  • So much more than theatre”

    So much more than theatre”

    Everything Theatre
  • Tangled Feet offer a glimpse of magic”

    Tangled Feet offer a glimpse of magic”

    Lyn Gardner, The Guardian
  • a truly transformative experience”

    a truly transformative experience”

    Children's Theatre Reviews
  • Tangled Feet, the masters of physical theatre”

    Tangled Feet, the masters of physical theatre”

    The Independent
  • inspiring, engaging… beautifully evocative.”

    inspiring, engaging… beautifully evocative.”

    Everything Theatre
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