“Acrobatic, empathetic and wholly engrossing. 4 stars” The Watford Observer

The National Health Service: Almost everyone enters the world inside it and most of us will experience its healing powers. Many die in its arms and some will have their lives saved by it. It is epic, tragic, joyful, extraordinary and ordinary all the same time. 


A cleaner has come down with a mystery illness. A consultant is struggling with the pressures of tendering for his own department. And Nurse Harry Smith doesn’t know how much more he can take.


As the future of the NHS hangs in the balance, Tangled Feet ask: what is it worth to us? And how do we value care?


Tangled Feet transform the theatre into a hospital in this uniquely immersive production: where doctors fly and nurses dance, where you’ll find yourself in the waiting room one minute and the operating theatre the next.  Commissioned by Watford Palace Theatre.


past dates


  • Jun 20thto28th2015

    Watford Palace Theatre

    WD17 1JZ, Watford - United Kingdom


“ Acrobatic, empathetic and wholly engrossing ” - The Watford Observer - “ Care celebrates the care the NHS provides, and attacks the lack of care among politicians who see only a source of profit in others’ illness, hitting home strongly through its clear cases and stark images. ” - Reviewsgate -

Audience feedback

“ Good to see that someone cares about the NHS. ” - Audience - “ Very good. Thought provoking, visceral. ” - Audience -

Care Season

Care was the final part of our 2015 Care Season Triliogy. It was preceded by Kicking and Screaming andNeed A Little Help.

They supported this Production

Arts Council England
Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation
Watford Palace Theatre
Odin Charitable Trust

Care - the future

The challenges for the NHS will not disappear anytime soon. We are planning to re-mount Care again soon.

If you are interestred in partnering with us to stage or tour Care please get in touch.

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  • So much more than theatre”

    So much more than theatre”

    Everything Theatre
  • Tangled Feet offer a glimpse of magic”

    Tangled Feet offer a glimpse of magic”

    Lyn Gardner, The Guardian
  • a truly transformative experience”

    a truly transformative experience”

    Children's Theatre Reviews
  • Tangled Feet, the masters of physical theatre”

    Tangled Feet, the masters of physical theatre”

    The Independent
  • inspiring, engaging… beautifully evocative.”

    inspiring, engaging… beautifully evocative.”

    Everything Theatre
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