“I’ve got that funny feeling again… it’s a good thing right?”


Three friends embark on an exciting adventure to chase their butterflies away.  They cross new seas to unchartered lands, on a journey filled with discovery.  The only trouble is they're are all a bit worried about it. 


During their voyage the group ride the waves, battle the storms and face their fears, before reaching dry land braver than ever before.

Join our intrepid characters as they step into the unknown in an uplifting tale of friendship, courage and facing your fears, told using innovative staging, breathtaking physicality, touching humour and a specially commissioned musical score.


Butterflies is a Tangled Feet and Half Moon co-production.


Suitable for ages 3-8

FOR TOUR BOOKINGS PLEASE SEE https://www.halfmoon.org.uk/programming/butterflies/ 

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Past and Future

  • Jun 16thto17th2021

    Ramsay Manor Lower School

    MK45 4NS, Barton-le-Clay -

  • Jun 15th2021

    Someries Infants School

    LU2 8AH, Luton -

  • Jun 14th2021

    Icknield Lower Primary School

    LU6 3AG, Dunstable -

  • Jun 11th2021

    Highgate Primary School

    N6 4ED, London -

  • Jun 10th2021

    Leagrave Primary School

    LU4 9ND, Luton -

  • Jun 9th2021

    Half Moon Young Peoples Theatre (local schools only)

    E1 0ND, London -

  • Jun 7th2021

    Warden Hill Infant School

    LU3 2DN, -

  • Nov 24th2018

    Sheffield Theatres: Crucible Lyceum Studio - 11am & 2pm

    S1 1DA, Sheffield - UK


  • Nov 11th2018

    Nuffield Southampton Theatre - 11am & 2pm

    SO17 1TR, Southampton - UK


  • Nov 10th2018

    Canada Water Theatre - 1pm & 3pm

    SE16 7AR, London - UK


  • Nov 4th2018

    The Albany - 1pm & 3pm

    SE8 4AG, London - UK


  • Nov 3rd2018

    The Sandpit Theatre - 11.30am & 2.30pm

    AL4 9NX, St Albans - UK


  • Oct 26th2018

    The North Wall Arts Centre - 11am & 2pm

    OX2 7JN, Oxford - UK


  • Oct 25th2018

    Grimsby Institute

    DN34 5BQ, Grimsby - UK


  • Oct 24th2018

    South Holland Centre - 2pm

    PE11 1SS, Spalding - UK


  • Oct 23rd2018

    Luton Library Theatre - 11.30am

    LU1 2NG, Luton - UK


  • Oct 22nd2018

    The Lowry - 12pm & 2pm

    M50 3LZ, Salford - UK


  • Oct 19thto21st2018

    The Egg

    BA1 1ET, Bath - UK


  • Oct 13th2018

    Arc Theatre & Arts Centre - 11.30am & 2.30pm

    TS18 1LL, Stockton-On-Tees - UK


  • Oct 11th2018

    Middlesbrough Town Hall - 10.30am

    TS1 2QJ, Middlesborough - UK


  • Oct 6th2018

    Spring Arts & Heritage Centre - 11.30am

    PO9 1BS, Havant - UK


  • Sep 30th2018

    Watermans Arts Centre - 1.30pm & 3.30pm

    TW8 0DS, Brentford - UK


  • Sep 29th2018

    Gulbenkian - 2pm

    CT2 7NB, Canterbury - UK


  • Sep 28th2018

    Redbridge Drama Centre - 1.30pm & 5pm

    E18 2RB, London - UK


  • Sep 21stto22nd2018

    Half Moon Theatre - Fri 21 Sep - 10.30am & 1.30pm / Sat 22 Sep - 11am & 2pm

    E1 OND, London - UK


  • Sep 22ndto23rd2017

    Half Moon Theatre

    E1 0ND , London - UK


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“ Butterflies shines a light on the challenging circumstances many young people are living in. As someone who has had anxiety for as long as I can remember – certainly from the age of the young audience sat around me, captivated by the show – seeing Butterflies 20 years ago would have been a truly transformative experience, though watching it now is powerful enough. ” - Flossie Waite - childrenstheatrereviews.com - Sept 2018 -

Audience feedback

“ Totally wonderful, expressed exactly what my daughter has been feeling. Thank you. ” - Half Moon audience member - “ Very thought provoking show. Three and a half year old was mesmerised. Thank you. ” - Half Moon audience member - “ We thought the show was wonderful. Very imaginative and magical. ” - Half Moon audience member - “ Was amazing; it kept our children's attention, which is a task in itself (4-5 year olds). ” - Half Moon audience member - “ Magical, was really entertaining to hear the children's response and which parts they 'believed'. Such an important subject to introduce to children and it was done beautifully. ” - Half Moon audience member - “ Beautiful piece of theatre by @tangledfeet @halfmoon at @theeggbath today. Playful, inventive and with a poignant message about wellbeing and connecting to the world and those around us. Thank you for an amazing show and the butterfly #Butterflies ” - Louise on Twitter - “ Such a beautiful performance of #ButterfliesShow a huge thank you and well done to @tangledfeet and @HalfMoonTheatre for creating such an engaging and thoughtful piece of theatre for young people and thank you to @lutonculture and @LutonTheatre for making theatre affordable! ” - D D on Twitter -

They supported this Production

Half Moon Theatre
Arts Council England
Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation

Butterflies - Tour Pack

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Download: Butterflies Info Pack Download: Butterflies Resource Pack



May 16th 2019

Mindfulness Project

By Rachel Rookwood   I was thrilled to be asked to take part in Tangled Feet’s pilot mindfulness project for KS1 children. Yoga for children and being able to offer it in schools is a passion of mine. I believe that we are facing a mental health crisis across all age groups and demographics. Anxiety and other mental health issues are becoming more and more prevalent in our young people with 1 in 10 children suffering with a mental health disorder. Introducing yoga and mindfulness at a young age can give children the tools to express and work on their feelings of anxiety that we all face in a healthy and supported way. This can help them develop into healthy and well-adjusted adults, which is what we all hope for in children.


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  • The most accessible and original theatre company working in the UK today”

    The most accessible and original theatre company working in the UK today”

    The Stage
  • Tangled Feet offer a glimpse of magic”

    Tangled Feet offer a glimpse of magic”

    Lyn Gardner, The Guardian
  • For Tangled Feet, theatre is a contact sport”

    For Tangled Feet, theatre is a contact sport”

    The Stage
  • Tangled Feet, the masters of physical theatre”

    Tangled Feet, the masters of physical theatre”

    The Independent
  • They are defining the future of theatre”

    They are defining the future of theatre”

    The Edinburgh Guide
  • An astounding spectacle..a uniformly excellent ensemble…stunning”

    An astounding spectacle..a uniformly excellent ensemble…stunning”

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