Boots On The Ground

“I sign on. I sit in my flat. Another day passes. And all that we did is gone, and means nothing now”


Inspired by the centenary of the mass demobilisations from WW1 and the tales of modern-day veterans Boots On The Ground is a promenade headphone show which invites its audience to exchange their shoes for a pair of Army boots and follow the intertwining stories of men who are stepping back from war. Can they find peace on their return to civilian life?


Setting out from an Army tent in a public square, the audience form a unit, are given their marching orders, join a squadron of fellow civilians and embark on an hour-long  walk around the local area together. Over the course of the journey, two stories, set a hundred years apart, are brought vividly to life against the backdrop of familiar streets.  


Binaural headphone technology, live action and Tangled Feet's trademark physicality are combined in this unique experience to explode the forgotten political turmoil of the WW1 demobilisations and the hidden struggles of modern-day veterans. 


Draft trailer:


Devised by Tangled Feet. Text by Katie Lyons. 


past dates


  • Nov 11th2018

    Dulwich Park (near the Clock Cafe) - 11.30am & 3pm

    SE21 7BQ, London - UK


  • Nov 10th2018

    Dulwich Park (near the Clock Cafe) - 11.30am & 3pm

    SE21 7BQ, London - UK


  • Nov 9th2018

    Dulwich Park (near the Clock Cafe) - 3pm

    SE21 7BQ, London - UK


  • Aug 26thto27th2018

    Guildhall Square

    SP1 1JH, Salisbury - UK



“ "The whole experience was extraordinary" "A brilliant experience" "A very interesting concept and perspective on WW1" "It moved me to tears" "I was totally involved and in the moment. Thoroughly enjoyable and moving experience." ” - Audience feedback, Salisbury -

Developed in collaboration with:

Army South-West, Salisbury Playhouse, Southwark Council and in creative consultation with forces and ex-forces communities

They supported this Production

Southwark Presents
Southark Council with website

Listen to the show

Boots On the Ground was performed in Salisbury (August 2018) and in Dulwich, London (November 2018). Below you can listen to the pre-recorded elements which played on the audience's headphones whilst walking the route of the show.

There were also some live scenes in the 2018 storyline between Al and Craig. We'll be adding recordings of these very soon to complete the online audio experience.

Some of the sound is recorded binaurally, and so the show is best experienced through headphones. 


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  • So much more than theatre”

    So much more than theatre”

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    Tangled Feet offer a glimpse of magic”

    Lyn Gardner, The Guardian
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    a truly transformative experience”

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    Tangled Feet, the masters of physical theatre”

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    inspiring, engaging… beautifully evocative.”

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