During COVID, as theatre went into standstill, Tangled Feet developed a project called DEVOLUTION EVOLUTION, which responded to the urgent needs - and power - of our broad family of freelance artists.

As we watch ingrained power structures around us being (rightly) challenged and in some cases dismantled, it felt like the right time also to interrogate our own creative power structures, and to try something different. 

What kind of work will fit into the new landscape we find ourselves in? How can we play a useful part in the way our industry is evolving and adapting at this time?

We wanted to see what happens when we 'devolve' creative responsibility at the outset of the project to individual artists. 

We commissioned 27 artists from our network and asked them to step on board for an experiment. 

What new working practices might emerge? What new synergies created? What voices will rise to the surface? What will we learn about how creative ideas can be nurtured and grown?

The results: a myriad of brilliant, galvanising ideas, manifested through performance, video, film, balloon modelling, aerial, projection, sound, script and buffoonery. 

We hope that the seeds we sow now will come to fruition over the next 5 years – in new relationships evolving, new ideas blossoming and opening up avenues of further creative investigation. 

Devolution Evolution continues to bloom and grow.….for now, this part of the website is a space for some of the work in progress. 


Devolution Evolution evolved again in July 2021 with a number of the artists sharing their process and findings in an Open House of Ideas at The Hat Works & Pop Up Performance Shop in Luton Mall. The Shopfront returned over August bank holiday weekend 2022 to The Mall, Luton and is available to book now. 


For more information and to see our legacy site please click here

past dates


  • Aug 27thto28th2022

    The Mall, Luton: Pop Up Performance Shop

    LU1 2LJ, Luton -

  • Jul 23rdto24th2021

    Shopfront, Luton Mall

    LU1 2LJ, Luton -


  • Jul 22ndto23rd2021

    Hat Works

    LU1 2NQ, Luton -


  • Sep 22ndto24th2020


    , -

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Arts Council England

Devolution Evolution Playlist

Watch some of the work on our YouTube channel

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Jun 12th 2020


An open letter to theatre and performance makers    This is a letter to self-employed and freelance theatre and performance makers in the UK. To the actors, playwrights, directors, choreographers, stage managers, designers, stage crews and set-builders to name just a few.    Alternative ways to view or hear the letter:   PDF Version AUDIO Version LARGE PRINT Version




Aug 18th 2020

What is DEVOLUTION EVOLUTION and why are we doing it?

By Kat Joyce   We've been holding monthly 'TF Tea' zoom drop-ins for our broader family of creatives to touch base and keep in touch with us. This has been a useful space to share funding opportunities and to offer advice and support.

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    So much more than theatre”

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    Tangled Feet offer a glimpse of magic”

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    a truly transformative experience”

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    Tangled Feet, the masters of physical theatre”

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    inspiring, engaging… beautifully evocative.”

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